Hamilton Softwashing Services

EZ Waterblasting and Softwash is your go-to softwashing specialist in Hamilton and the Waikato Region. Our cleaning crew are experienced softwash operators highly skilled at bringing buildings back to life with careful cleaning.

Soft Washing for Perfect Results

We use industry-leading softwash processes to kill and eliminate algae and mildew from all types of building structures and surfaces, resulting in a safer, more attractive working and living environment. Our softwash blend is a mixture of common biocides and soaps similar to what you might use for everyday cleaning around the home. Softwashing normally includes a chlorine bleach but it is usually diluted to a much lower strength than standard off-the-shelf products such as Janola or house-brand bleach.

We do not use solvents or petroleum-based cleaners for soft-washing. For some cleaning jobs we will complement soft washing with targeted water blasting where required to achieve perfectly clean results.

Our Softwash Procedure

Our technicians start by pre-rinsing all target areas, and wet down any nearby plants to protect them against leaf damage. Walls and floors are then sprayed with the softwash mix and left to sit for a few minutes before being finally rinsed off again to provide a lovely fresh clean.

Protecting Your Plants and Gardens

It is standard practice for the EZ crew to rinse your plants down several times during the process to ensure everything comes out the other side looking its best. We know you treasure your garden, so we treat it with the respect and love you would yourself.

Safe Softwashing Practices Around Children and Animals

As with many forms of cleaning, soft washing is a process that requires care and skill. We require pets and children to be safely removed from the area while we work. This is standard procedure and is done to prevent accidents and to keep our workers safe. Please keep your dogs inside or off the property until our team has completed the work and packed away all cleaning equipment. There are no hazardous residues left behind once the area has been cleaned and allowed a few minutes to dry.

What can we Clean with Soft Washing?

Soft washing is perfect for most exterior surfaces around the home and commercial premises, and is our recommended method for general house washing. Walls, roofs, windows and doors, porches and patios, decks and fences, paths, paving stones, etc. Timber, weatherboards, bricks, metal, concrete and stone all respond nicely to soft washing. Plastic spouting and downpipes, louvre roofs and pergolas, and even clotheslines can be cleaned to remove algae, dirt and stains. Talk to us about your specific requirements and we’ll see what can be done.

Hamilton Softwash Specialists