House Washing

House Washing in Hamilton and the Waikato

EZ Waterblasting are specialists in house washing in Hamilton and right across the mighty Waikato region. We bring back the shine on your home’s walls and other outdoor surfaces with our soft washing techniques.

Proper cleaning gets the best results

Different parts of your home require special attention using specific cleaning methods. Gutters and windows need different types of cleaning than weatherboard and fences. Waterblasting for concrete - soft washing for walls and roofs. We select and apply the right method for each area. Your biggest asset is in good hands with us.

Why is house washing in Hamilton different from regular waterblasting?

Waterblasting is perfect for your concrete and unpainted surfaces but can be too aggressive for timber and some painted surfaces. A gentler approach is required for proper house washing, and that is where soft washing comes in. This is especially important in Hamilton and Waikato towns with a variety of construction methods and materials.

Our Soft Wash process relies primarily on a simple chemical action and low pressure rinsing to achieve great results quickly while protecting your home's valuable surfaces.

What about paint oxidation?

Paint oxidation is the result of long term exposure to sunlight, and affects most household paint used in New Zealand. It is a gradual process that degrades paint and makes your walls look and feel chalky.

Oxidised walls eventually need to be repainted but can usually be cleaned to an acceptable level by the softwash process. If in doubt about the state of your paint, call us to arrange an inspection.

What is included in our House Washing service?

Our House Washing packages include all exterior surfaces of a single level house including walls, doors, windows, downpipes and external spouting surfaces. Roof and gutter cleaning services are also available so please ask about these extras during your chat with us.

We usually take several photos of the property before and after the job to help us maintain our work standards and online job portfolio. You are most welcome to request a copy - the results can look amazing!

Our House Washing Procedure

  • Travel to your Hamilton or Waikato property
  • Site safety inspection and "before" photography
  • Equipment setup and removal of deck furniture etc
  • Initial wetting of walls and surrounding plants
  • Application of our cleaning formula
  • Secondary rinsing of plants and ground surfaces
  • Low pressure rinse of walls to remove cleaning formula, dirt and algae
  • Spot check and high pressure cleaning where required
  • Site cleanup/packup/replacement of furniture as necessary
  • Final inspection and "after" photography

How to book and pay for your house wash

Bookings can easily be made via text, email or phone call.

We ask for payment in advance and provide a full refund if we are unable to do your job.

We wash all types of houses, sheds and buildings so feel free to ask.

Call or text 021 1065 034 for a quote or to book your job.

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