House Washing in Hamilton and the Waikato

House Washing in Hamilton is at the core of our business. Nothing delights us more than to help bring back a home to its former glory. Washing a house properly takes time and skillful effort, and pays huge dividends to you, the home owner. Our full house wash service includes a combination of water blasting and soft washing in the appropriate areas around the home.

Does Your Home Need to be Washed?

You can usually tell if a house needs to be washed. Greenish algae on the walls and paths, discolouration and growth patches on the roof, dulling of paint – these are all signs that a home needs a good exterior cleaning. Feel free to call us for a consultation and we can have a look around with you to help you decide.

What to Expect from House Washing

House washing is designed to clean away dirt, mildew and algae from your home’s walls, spouting and downpipes, windows and doorframes. If you opt for roof cleaning as well, you will see an immediate improvement in the appearance of your roof, along with gradual removal of stubborn lichen. House washing kills and removes mould patches, and prevents regrowth for up to several months. A freshly washed house is a joy to behold, and instantly becomes a more pleasant and inviting place to live. Your home’s street appeal and desirability will increase as a result of being thoroughly and professionally cleaned.

Health and Safety Benefits of House Washing

House washing using our softwash process has numerous benefits in addition to the aesthetics. Washing reduces the risk of slips and trips caused by slimy paths and patios. Our gentle chemical action kills algae and mould spores which can otherwise cause health problems for people and pets. And of course, cleaner outdoor areas are much more appealing for entertaining and outdoor summer living. Everyone benefits from having a lovely clean home.

House Washing in the Waikato

We will gladly visit your home or business anywhere in the Waikato and provide the same level of outstanding service enjoyed by our Hamilton clients. Call us for careful softwash cleaning of your house, farm buildings and sheds, office block or commercial property. We love cleaning and we don’t discriminate!

House Washing in Hamilton and the Waikato