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Soft Washing in Hamilton and the Waikato

The best soft washing results come from a combination of care and skill. By choosing us to clean your home you know you're making a great investment. Let's look at some of the things we do at EZ Waterblasting to give you the best soft washing experience in Hamilton.

Not all cleaning methods were created equal

Soft washing is the art of exterior cleaning without the need for high pressure. At EZ Waterblasting we apply our special cleaning formula as a low pressure spray, then rinse it off to remove dirt, lichen and algae. The result is a lovely clean home you can be proud of all year round.

Exterior cleaning is something we all care about. Home owners want to protect their biggest asset, and everyone enjoys the feeling of living in a nice, clean home.

We all know we should keep the outside looking as clean as the inside, but a lot of people just don't know where to start or don't have the time to do it. Water blasting as well as spray and walk-away products have their place around the home, but it is soft washing that really takes care of your home's exterior surfaces.

Why is soft washing so good?

Soft washing combines science with nature. We use proven, biodegradable products to soften dirt and kill organic matter, and pure water to rinse it all away. Soft washing gets rid of dark stains on your spouting and downpipes, and leaves your windows and walls sparkling clean.

Is soft washing preferable to waterblasting?

Soft washing is the best choice for your roof and walls because there is no high pressure involved. Waterblasting can cause damage to soft timber surfaces and force water into wall cavities when not done properly. We avoid the risk by using the best soft washing techniques that keep the water outside your house where it should be.

What is the best soft washing cleaner for algae/mould removal?

We use slightly different formulas according to the job type. For example, roof cleaning requires a stronger mix than walls and concrete, as well as less rinsing. For general mould removal from painted walls we use a diluted blend of sodium hypochlorite (aka bleach) and a liquid surfactant (aka soap). This mix is the preferred formula used by every major soft wash operator due to its reliability and safety.

Our softwash mix takes a few minutes to kill the mould, which we then flush away with a clean water rinse. The ingredients break down quickly once the job is done, making it friendly to the environment.

What are our soft washing safety practices?

Safety is our top priority, whether that is in the operation of our pumps and ladders, or in the use and handling of cleaning chemicals. We work safely for our protection and yours!

Some cleaning products can be harmful to plants or humans at full strength. We use the correct dilution ratios to prevent mishaps while retaining their effectiveness. We also take the necessary steps to ensure safe working practices are followed.

Our Soft Wash Safety Procedures

  • Use approved containers for cleaning products
  • Dilute and premix cleaning products offsite wherever possible
  • Correct PPE gear for sight, skin and hearing protection
  • Proper maintenance of pumps, waterblasters and other equipment
  • Removal of deck furniture and other obstacles
  • No visitors, pets or children in our work area
  • No cleaning products around fishponds
  • Thorough rinsing procedures to protect plants
  • Regular site safety inspections before, during and after work

We can clean other things with soft washing so let us know what you need.

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