Waterblasting in Hamilton and the Waikato

Waterblasting is an exterior cleaning method that works by directing a high pressure stream of water onto a hard surface to remove dirt and slime. It is the perfect cleaning method for driveways, stone walls, footpaths and paving stones, and can also be used on large vehicles such as trucks, 4x4s and boats.

At EZ Waterblasting we often spray surfaces with a premix to kill mould prior to waterblasting in order to achieve the best, long lasting results.

Some driveways and parking areas have oil drips from cars and other vehicles. We treat these with a degreaser to loosen and dissolve the oil then wash the stains away to leave your concrete clean and bright.

Most fences and decks can be safely waterblasted using a lower pressure setting to protect the surface. We also use a pre-spray to eliminate mould and soften dirt prior to cleaning, and follow up with thorough rinsing to leave all surfaces fresh and clean.

Professional vs Domestic Waterblasters

We use an efficient, professional waterblaster that delivers a constant jet-stream of water that is much stronger than domestic electric waterblasters can provide. The result is a deeper, more thorough cleaning process than DIY washing can achieve. In addition, our surface cleaner and prespray treatments ensure your driveways and other concrete surfaces are left with a streak-free finish that can last for months.

How much water do we use?

Water is a valuable resource, so we work respectfully and efficiently when using it to wash your home and driveway. Our waterblaster connects directly onto your garden tap using a standard hose fitting, and we turn the tap off as soon as the job is done.

Do we use your electricity?

No. Our waterblaster is petrol powered so there is no need to connect to your electrical supply.

Can we waterblast cars and other vehicles?

Yes. We can safely clean vehicles using a lower pressure setting. This is a great way to clean mud off 4x4s, trucks and tractors.

There are many other things that can be cleaned with waterblasting so feel free to ask.

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