Waterblasting in Hamilton and the Waikato

Waterblasting in Hamilton and surrounding areas is our specialty. Our highly skilled operators carefully clean concrete, brick, stone and metal surfaces to make them look like new. We take care to protect softer materials such as timber decks and fences while providing the best results that high pressure water can achieve. In some cases we recommend a combination of water blasting and soft washing to provide the ultimate clean.

What can be Cleaned with Water Blasting?

Waterblasting is perfect for cleaning concrete driveways, footpaths and edging, metal rails and roofs, and some timber decks and fences. The EZ Waterblasting technicians often include a pre-treatment spray to kill surface algae before cleaning, to provide the best, longer-lasting results. A properly cleaned driveway will look great for months.

Is Water Blasting Suitable for Asphalt?

Yes. We can safely waterblast your asphalt driveway, tennis court or carpark to bring it back to life. We use our commercial surface cleaners to give a consistent look and perfect finish every time.

Water Blasting Around the Farm

Farmers love the look and feel of professionally cleaned equipment and implement sheds. Tractors, cultivators and harvesters all function better when properly cleaned, and maintenance issues are also easier to spot. Regular cleaning will protect and extend the life of your valuable gear and buildings.

Commercial Cleaning

Business operators understand the importance of a clean workplace for worker safety and regulatory compliance. Regular water blasting is essential for all food outlets, restaurants, supermarkets and health-related businesses. The EZ team can provide ongoing, scheduled cleaning so you can relax knowing you’re in good hands.

Power And Water Supply Requirements for Water Blasting

Our cleaning equipment requires a clean onsite water supply to function properly. In most cases, a standard household outdoor tap is sufficient. For rural properties on tank water, most tank and bore pumps provide an adequate supply to get the job done. In any case, please talk to us ahead of time so we can plan an alternative water source.

We do not require any electrical power to run our water blasters.

Can Roofs be Water Blasted?

Yes, absolutely. Most roofs can be water blasted to remove dirt, moss and lichen. Longrun, coloursteel and corrigated iron can all be waterblasted to achieve outstanding results, which is perfect if you’re planning to repaint your roof. Tile roofs can sometimes be waterblasted but these types of roof are usually suited to gentler, slower cleaning such as soft-washing, to prevent any broken tiles.

If you collect rainwater for drinking please remember to disconnect your downpipes before waterblasting your roof so your tank doesn’t collect dirty runoff or soap.

Professional Water Blasting in Hamilton